About Us


Joe, a naturalist food enthusiast, was born and raised in Taiwan. He was constantly blessed with plentiful of good food, and thanks to his grandma’s endless patience and guidance in the kitchen since he was young, Joe was able to work on perfecting his culinary skills – particularly in traditional Taiwanese cuisine. After leaving Taiwan for his career, Joe realized that food from home is the best solution to combat his homesickness. As such, Joe decided to share his favourite Taiwanese food with the people around him, creating a place where he can finally reminisce true Taiwanese family dining experience.

Taiwan is a food haven with a wide range of delicacies. But, when it comes to authentic Taiwanese flavour, nothing is comparable to Taiwanese Dumplings. These rectangular-shaped handmade dumplings are pan-fried whilst steamed in the same flat pan. They sizzle with an inviting and mouth-watering melody while bringing a heaping serving of nostalgia to most that one can almost taste the dumpling melting away in their mouth.

There is a saying in Taiwan: “The sizzling-steam from the pan-frying of Taiwanese Dumplings carries a hidden joy”. Joe hopes to bring this comfort, fulfilment and satisfaction to us all. Hence, “MANJOE” 「滿足」 was born.